Manufacturing of Plain Snuff, Mentholated Snuff, Perfumed Snuff, India Snuff, English Snuff, European Snuff, American Snuff, Nasal Snuff, Moist Snus, Snuff Powder, Mint Snuff, Herbal Snuff, Smokeless Chewing Tobacco, Pinch of Snuff in India.
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We are the fountainhead in manufacturing snuff tobacco products. Our product line includes India snuff, English snuff, European snuff, American dry snuff and moist snuff or snus. We have a legacy in producing snuff tobacco for the last 150 years. Nasal snuff is a traditional way to use tobacco in its natural form. Snuff tobacco products are less addictive and have fewer health consequences than cigarettes.
Production Unit of  Snuff Tobacco Products in Bhavnagar, India.

We have a massive technological production facility with an enormous storage capacity. It is a robust powerhouse with the ability to exceed our client’s expectations and stands out to be the strength of our company.

We Undertake Contract Manufacturing / Private Label Jobs / Loan License of Dry Nasal Snuff, Moist Snus / Snus in loose and also in Portion Packed Sachets.

The projects we undertake cater to companies across the globe, half of which come from contract manufacturing, in order to produce good quality tobacco products. Snuff products are largely gaining popularity worldwide. This has opened the window in overseas business opportunities for us in developing other snuff related products.

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Snuff, Indian Snuff, Plain Snuff, Mentholated Snuff, Perfumed Snuff, English Snuff, European Snuff, American Snuff,Moist Snus.
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     Types of Snuff
Dholakia Indian Snuff
  Ganga, Kamal, Sparrow Green, Sparrow Cool Blue, Manjul, Dholakia Black, Dholakia White
Dholakia International
  European - Swiss Chocolate, Irish Coffee, Sandalwood
  English - Mentholyptus, Medicated, Smoker's Blend
  American - Aniseed Menthol, Ice - Cool
  Moist Snus
  "SHE" (Fruit Power / Flower Power ) - Cherry Menthol, Apricot Menthol, Jasmine Menthol
  Blast - Rum Special, Gin & Tonic, Wine & Cheese, Cola Champaign, Brandy with Maple, Whisky Honey, Strong Menthol
  Temptation - Purple passion, Minty Vanilla, Cherry Menthol, Orange Chocolate, Lime & Lemony, Grape Concorde, Mango Cream
  Wow - Coffee Bite, Fruit cake, Roasted Nut, American CaramelApple Pie
  Dholakia Herbal Non Tobacco Nasal Snuff - Snus
  Dholakia Loose Snuss / Snuff
  Lajawab Chewing Tobacco
  Lajawab Perfumed Black Khani
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Tobacco Snuff Boxes, Snuff Bullets, Snuff Bottles, Snuff Handkerchiefs.
     ISO 9001:2008
ISO Certified Snuff Company in India. An ISO 9001:2008
First Snuff Company in India with ISO Standard.

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