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Herbal Original
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Indian Rose

India has a long history of using herbs as medicine and with our rich culture of ayurveda we have also developed herbal snuff and snus.

Various Herbal leaves only available in India with medicinal values are dried and grounded in powder, Once it is grounded various natural essential oils are added for developing a blend in a variety of flavours for snuff and Snus.

Herbal product gives a soothing effect of calmness & relaxation and can also help you give up tobacco. It is 100% tobacco free and has no side or adverse health effects.

  1. Highly effective & Natural Ingredients
  2. Without Harmful Chemicals
  3. Available in different packing

Flavours: Juniper berry, Lychee, Cherry, Apricot, Blueberry, Liquorice, Bergamot, rose and many more