Snus – Swedish Snus (Nicotine Pouches), White Portion Snus, Filter Khaini

With the accumulated knowledge of 5 Generations, the company in 2018 diversified its product portfolio and ventured into manufacturing of Swedish Snus according to the standards established. Swedish Snus is a very popular product and it is the most effective substitute for people wanting to Quit Smoking.

Cool Mint Snus

The white portion snus is made from our tobacco blend with moisture up to 35%-40%, the portions of nicotine pouches are not moist from top hence dry on the surface and offer less drip and long-lasting flavor.

Nicotine content:2mg-16mg/Gram

White Portion Snuff
White Portion Snus

Original Snus, Smokeless Tobacco
Nicotine Pouches

Bergamot flavour Snus

The original portion snus nicotine pouches are moist and have a dark surface on top, The nicotine pouch of original portion snus offers quick nicotine release comparing to the white portion

Nicotine content:2mg-16mg/Gram

Filter Khaini

Filter khaini is a new age replacement product for people using traditional chewing tobacco products in India. We drive to bring around a revolution in India and this is the Indian snus made for people with the Indian pallet.

Tobacco blend is mixed with spices, aroma to get the desired flavor.

Filter Khaini