Snuff Facts

What is Snuff ?

Tobacco leaves from the finest fields are carefully picked, dried and grounded into a powder.

Once the tobacco is ground, various essential oils are added for developing a blend in a variety of snuff tobacco flavors.

The finished snuff tobacco product is stored in airtight packaging to ensure that the flavors are well penetrated into the powdered particles. Once it is matured it is ready for use.

Snuff tobacco products are available in a number of forms ranging from dry to moist and coarse to fine. Meant to suffice individual requirements, one can pick a snuff tobacco product that stays in harmony with their individual needs.

Nasal Snuff

Nasal snuff is a finely ground flavored tobacco taken in the non-offensive form of a simple sniff into the nostrils. As snuff is becoming so popular, many have questioned its health issues. Like any tobacco product there is a risk, but in the last 150 years of snuff making, our Company has yet to have a single health case filed against it. Many specialists feel that, for health reasons, if you are going to use tobacco, you are better off with a smokeless tobacco, like nasal snuff. Snuff tobacco is the best alternative to give up smoking and to enjoy tobacco in its natural form. At the same time it is more cost effective compared to smoking tobacco.

How to take nasal snuff ?

Nasal snuff comes in a wide variety of flavors: cherry, apricot, lemon, sandalwood, rose, jasmine, chocolate, coffee, mint and orange to name just a few. The most popular use of snuff is to take a pinch between your thumb and forefinger and sniff it lightly into the nose or it can be sniffed with the modern bullets available. Snuff provides a pleasant aroma, lasting 15-20 minutes, as well as a noticeable nicotine lift. Many pipe smokers have also taken to the old English act of adding a sprinkle of their favorite snuff into their burning bowl of pipe tobacco for an added aroma, taste, and nicotine boost.

Snuff tobacco is the least expensive and easiest way to have pure tobacco enjoyment without the health consequences attributed to smoking.