Plain-Tobacco Product

Dholakia plain is made out of hand picked leaves of tobacco. It is light brown in colour with fine grind and moisture level is dry without any addictives. It has a good nicotine-hit, and a wonderful nose burn with high quality classic tobacco flavour, finely ground snuff almost like a dark earth sand colour. Recommended for those who are trying to Quit Smoking.

Chakali or SPARROW

We manufacture plain snuff under the brand name “Chakali” or SPARROW GREEN label. This is a high quality tobacco snuff that is extremely effective. Plain snuff tobacco is available in a variety of packaging.

Sparrow Green Tobacco is made from specially selected tobacco leaves, which when ground, formulate into a powder, having an original tobacco taste.

Enjoy Indian Tobacco in its original form. With Plain Chakali snuff tobacco you can develop your own flavors by adding the essence of your own choice.

Indian Tobacco Nasal Snuff Specification :
Color Light brown
Texture Very fine (Think high dry toast)
Moisture Very dry
Nicotine Low
Drying Factor High
Sneeze Factor High
Clog Factor Medium
Nasal Snuff Available in :
  • 4gms bullets.
  • 4gms refills.
  • 10gms smash box.
  • 25gms smash box.
  • 50gms tubs.