Mentholated Snuff – Dry Snuff Tobacco, Oral & Nasal Snuff

Mentholated Snuff gives you the best cooling sensation. This snuff has a natural tobacco taste and a strong, but not overwhelming. This snuff opens up the sinuses make it different cooling and refreshing, sweetening up the freeze. Glacier cold refreshing with outstanding nicotine It has several flavour elements the scent is wonderful; it is potent, yet subtle and quite relaxing. A mentholated snuff-lover’s dream.

Ice Cool

Mentholated snuff products are exclusively made for mint lovers. Chakali cool blue is an unscented pure form of Mentholated snuff tobacco. When the package of Mentholated snuff tobacco is opened, one will find a very dry snuff tobacco, in a fine powdered form, with a very light menthol flavoring. Although the grind of this form of tobacco snuff is very fine, it is easy to consume and quite enjoyable.

Taken : Oral & Nasal
In India it is used for teething

Oral & Nasal Snuff Specification :
Color Dark brown
Texture Very fine
Moisture Medium to moist
Nicotine High
Drying Factor Low
Sneeze Factor None
Available in :
  • 4gms bullets.
  • 4gms refills.
  • 10gms smash box.
  • 25gms smash box.
  • 50gms tubs.