Flavoured Tobacco – Chocolate Snuff, English Snuff for Beginner

Dholakia offers variety of flavours Swiss Chocolate is one of the best chocolate snuffs. We would say it’s the best beginner snuff the grind being silky to the touch and feels the same in the nose, sits comfortably. Give it try. You’ll see what we mean. It has perfect ratio of chocolate and tobacco it’s like falling asleep with the wonderful smell of fresh baked brownies in your nose. Simply delicious!!!

Swiss Chocolate

Dholakia English line Snuff is just one of several snuff tobacco products we manufacture. English style snuff tobacco is made from hand picked tobacco leaves without the stems. The tobacco leaves are then ground and mixed with water and pure essential flavors. They are blended according to a composition essential to formulate the tobacco into our famous secret recipe. English Snuff is very friendly to the nose and is ideal for the beginner. It can be called a beginners grind. They are available in various international flavors to suit every snuff user.

Each pack is shrink packed separately so that the snuff remain fresh for long time.

Flavors available are: Mentholyptus, Medicated, Smoker’s Blend

The English line of flavored snuff tobacco is a coarser ground, semi-moist, medium brown color snuff having a medium amount of nicotine content in it.

Specially designed packaging is done for coarser snuff tobaccos.
Each pack

Chocolate/English Snuff Packaging :
  • 4gms bullets.
  • 4gms refills.
  • 10gms smash box.
  • 25gms smash box.
  • 50gms tubs.