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Offers Snuff Accessories as Tobacco Snuff Boxes, Snuff Bullets, Snuff Bottles and Snuff Handkerchiefs in India.
We Undertake Contract Manufacturing / Private Label Jobs / Loan License of Dry Nasal Snuff, Moist Snus / Snus in loose and also in Portion Packed Sachets.
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Distinct behaviors have been in sync with human beings for generations. These behaviors go alongside with humans in their life spheres, right from childhood through the process of ageing. Every inclination is unique; it carries its own beauty. Some habits are meant for flaunting in the public, while others are prone to be conservative. Following suite is the practice of snuffing, which has long sustained its identity in the carnivals of tobacco lovers. A Mention of snuff accessories is certain, when it comes to snuffing tobacco powder, as there was an increased demand for decorated snuff boxes and snuff accessories in ancient and now in recent times as well. We have been processing snuff tobacco products for the last 150 years and excel in the segment of decorative snuff accessories.

Snuff Boxes

Snuff Boxes come in a variety of metal: silver, brass, copper and other mixed metals. Our snuff boxes come in a collection from our rich Indian traditional handicrafts. One can choose according to his or her preferences! Snuff accessories have an ornamental look; they come in a variety of shapes and sizes and hold from 10gm to 50gms of snuff powder.

Snuff Box. Snuff Boxes in Rich Indian Traditional Handicrafts. Snuff Metal Boxes. Snuff Accessories To Have An Ornamental Look.

Peculiarities of these boxes :
  1. Air tight
  2. Small in size
  3. Convenient for frequent use
  4. Attractive look

Snuff Bullets

We offer a variety of snuff bullets; aluminum snuff bullet, acrylic snuff bullet and clear based snuff bullets. Snuff Bullets are an easy way of sniffing tobacco with a little amount of snuff powder released whenever needed. Snuff bullets work with a simple twist, which allows a little amount of snuff powder to be sprinkled over a small area of the bullet which points towards the nozzle meant for sniffing.

Clear Based Snuff Bullets. Aluminum Snuff Bullets. Acrylic Snuff Bullet. Snuff Bullet with Twist and Sniff Facility.

Peculiarities of Snuff Bullets :
  1. Light in weight
  2. Easy to use
  3. With twist and sniff facility

Some of the Other Accessories Offered by us are :

  • Snuff bottles
  • Snuff Handkerchiefs and so on.
Traditional Snuff Boxes. Snuff Handkerchiefs. Snuff Accessories. Snuff Bottles.

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