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  We Develop all kind of Smokeless Tobacco Products
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Dholakia Indian Snuff
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Smokeless Tobacco Products Manufacturing Company in India.
We Undertake Contract Manufacturing / Private Label Jobs / Loan License of Dry Nasal Snuff, Moist Snus / Snus in loose and also in Portion Packed Sachets.
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Dholakia Tobacco Pvt. Ltd. (DTPL) is an ISO 9001 – 2000 company. DTPL offers plain, mentholated, scented, and various international flavored snuff. Moist snus is also offered in a variety of flavors. Dholakia Tobacco Pvt. Ltd. (DTPL) is the most modern snuff-manufacturing facility in India. We have originated from a 150 year old snuff manufacturing company know as the ‘Dholakia Groups’. The company is headed by Mr. Parag Dholakia, a 5th generation grand son of the Dholakia Family, who has immense experience in tobacco cultivation and developing quality snuff products, his mastery in selecting raw tobacco enables DTPL to develop a unique range of sensational snuff products.

Offers Plain Snuff, Mentholated Snuff, Scented Snuff And Various International Flavored Snuff.

The company is located in Sihor, a town in India known for tobacco business worldwide. We are equipped with the latest production technologies, with gigantic warehouse capacities, which helps to make our company one of the largest snuff manufacturers in India. DTPL is the only snuff manufacturing company in India having the ISO 9001-2000 certification. We follow Fair Trade Practice Standards (FTPS) and are a proud member of the Indian Tobacco Board.

Dholakia Tobacco Pvt. Ltd. Offers a variety of NASAL snuff products to its domestic & international customers ranging from plain, mentholated and scented snuffs available in various INTERNATIONAL FLAVORS. We also offer MOIST SNUS. Apart from improving the quality standards of our regular products, our company’s Research & Development Center is constantly engaged in developing new lines of products to meet modern & international demands in snuff.

Our Company’s business process is well integrated with a worldwide network of agents. Our experienced Marketing and Support team works to build a strong and faithful customer relationship, which is essential to expanding business worldwide. With an all modern communication and data processing system, telecom connectivity, as well as an expert service back up, we have enabled our Company to achieve defined business goals by building customer loyalty and developing a strong network of distributors and dealers in almost every corner of India.

NASAL Snuff Products Manufacturing Facility in India. Moist Snuff Manufactuing Facility in India. Mentholated Snuff Tobacco Manufacturing Facility in India.


Dholakia Tobacco Pvt. Ltd., from the very beginning, aims to produce quality products, which will in turn give gainful employment to workers and farmers growing tobacco in remote villages.
We are the first modern Pvt. Ltd. Tobacco Company in India with the vision of expanding the snuff market by creating enough awareness to and the benefits of snuff use over that of smoking tobacco products.

We wish the return of a more natural state of living as well and would like to reverse the time clock of tobacco use to its oldest and most proven natural way in the form of nasal snuff.
Modern Snuff Tobacco Company in India.


Quality Control
We are committed to delivering an excellent quality product each and every time. To ensure consistency in a quality product we follow strict regulations at every stage of production.

Sample Testing / Quality Assurance :
  • Examining the fields where the tobacco originates.
  • Ensuring the use of the highest quality tobacco leaves.
  • Sourcing pure ingredients.
  • Monitoring the manufacturing process and the end product.
  • Reject or Reprocess at any stage of production.
  • Providing the finest packaging for long lasting product effectuality.
We Use Quality Tobacco Leaves To Offer Snuff Tobacco Products.

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